STORIES OF FAITH | STORIES OF HUMANITY is a digital storytelling project meant to illustrate the role and function of faith in human beings’ lives. On this website, people’s raw, intimate stories of faith are creatively voiced and publicly shared, in an effort to reveal the universal themes of humanity that exist across people’s relationships to faith. The end goal is to demonstrate that we are all part of the same human species, no matter our religious or spiritual affiliation.

While we may not be able to relate to someone’s religious or spiritual affiliation, we can all empathize with what it means to be a human being.

This project is built on the core belief that it is crucial to share our meaningful personal stories with others.  Faith and religion are considered taboos in our society; people stay silent due to fears of hostility and invalidation.  Yet honest dialogue is the only way that compassion, empathy, and solidarity might eventually occur in our currently fragmented world. Furthermore, narrating our meaningful personal stories often provides people with catharsis, coherency, and freedom–particularly when voiced to an empathetic, receptive community.


(Please note that all comments on this website are screened with utmost concern for storytellers’ well-being.)